BOLD INK has been retained by companies across multiple industries – including travel and tourism, technology, healthcare, resources, retail, professional services and indigenous businesses. The common ground between our clients is that they are or aspire to be purpose-based organizations. Our respect for client confidentiality means there are some successes we simply can’t talk about but we are proud to share the following examples that highlight the breadth and depth of our client work.

Approach and examples of work with Indigenous organizations



Cities Changing Diabetes is a partnership program in response to the urgent urban diabetes challenge. The program began in 2014, led by Novo Nordisk and today, has established local partnerships in ten cities worldwide to address the social factors and cultural determinants that can increase type 2 diabetes vulnerability among certain people living in cities.

We joined the Cities Changing Diabetes fight in Vancouver to promote internal and external communications. Working with the five partners of the Vancouver initiative, Bold Ink worked to facilitate community roundtables that allowed the collection of important data on the social and cultural determinant affecting people in Vancouver. We further assisted in the communication outreach for World Diabetes Day and the community risk assessments offered across the city.  

communications - project management - facilitation - community outreach - partnerships - public relations - influencer outreach


Wya Point Resort is a stunning West Coast resort situated on 600 acres of old-growth forest in Ucluelet, BC.  Owned and operated by the Ucluth First Nation, Wya is a combination of accommodation types from campsites and glamping yurts to luxurious well-appointed timber frame lodges.  The Nation came to us for help updating their brand to move them into their future development plans as well as generating awareness.

After a thorough discovery process with the executive leadership and an audit of competing brands, we designed and developed a new brand identity that references Wya’s physical proximity to the shore as well as its rich aboriginal culture through a lens of the modern traveler. The resulting identity included an extensive reworking of their brand architecture, as well as an update to the messaging and value propositions of each of the accommodation types, ultimately leading to Wya being granted the Outstanding Accommodation award by Aboriginal Tourism BC in 2014.

brand discovery - brand strategy - brand positioning - brand identity design - brand voice & messaging - digital marketing - website - printed materials - public relations - photography - guest experience - customer service training is a full-service vacation rental business offering a stress-free experience to guests as well as taking care of the booking, maintenance and marketing of owner properties. The Kabino team came to us as Peak Property Rentals operating predominantly in the US Rockies and looking to reposition themselves for global expansion. They called on us to help them think through their positioning and brand narrative in the marketplace. 

Following a discovery process and audit of the competitive landscape, we developed a strategy to reposition and reimagine their brand and worked to design and develop their new brand identity from the ground up.

brand discovery - trends & insights - brand strategy - brand positioning - brand identity design - brand voice & messaging - naming/ nomenclature - digital marketing - printed materials

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