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BOLD INK is a boutique brand & business development consultancy experienced in the marketing and communications of emerging or repositioning brands. We believe that companies and the employees that work for them are better when all parties involved are committed to why they do what they do.

We offer a full suite of services on an a la carte basis or as part of a more full service approach. We act as an every day coach and business partner to our unique clients.  We invest time and effort to help you discover the fundamentals of your brand, consumers and markets. We work closely with you to support you in defining your goals and purpose, creating a growth strategy and bespoke solutions that connect customers and employees with your specific business. We are the change agents that help businesses to reset a strong foundation from which to grow. 

Our approach to work with Indigenous groups.



Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is much more complex than branding a business with a logo. A brand is the essence of how customers perceive your business and how your employees live and breathe its purpose in a way that target customers engage with. A strong brand strategy is critical to achieving long term goals.

Target Customer Definition

Compel the right audience to act. We'll help you to position your business authentically to attract high-yield customers who will engage with your brand long-term. 

Business planning

Spontaneity is inspiring in life, not so much in business. A business plan will ensure that you don't get caught up in the day to day to the detriment of your long term vision.


Outside facilitation is an efficient way to uncover themes and ideas while minimizing complicated group dynamics. We plan and guide proceedings effectively, and remain focused on the group process and outcomes, rather than specific content and opinions.



Marketing strategy

We'll work with you to develop a strategy to introduce new customers into your sales pipeline and ensure that your tactical efforts are supporting your short and long term goals.


Successful partnerships are built on common vision and mutual respect. Complimentary brands can often enhance each other exponentially and introduce new target customers to each other. We help make connections and activate partnerships that work.

Community marketing

Loyalty is created through one on one interactions between customers and the people who bring a brand to life. There is no more effective means of marketing than on a grass roots level one-on-one.

Business Development

We look for new revenue channels and unique opportunities to increase revenue and grow a company's customer base. 

Project Management

Effective communication and stakeholder accountability are our keys to leading and managing effective projects. By facilitating active communication and holding partners accountable to a team's deadline we ensure that timeline's are met and targets achieved.


Customer Experience

Happy customers are loyal customers. The single biggest impact a company can have on its bottom line for the smallest financial investment is with a focus right here. We audit your customer’s existing journey, find ways to improve and execute those for a happier, more engaged customer. Even the unhappy customer can strengthen your business.

Reputation Management

Today's landscape provides the individual consumer with immense power to bolster or tarnish a brand's reputation. We help to maintain, and in some cases regain, a positive online image.

Content planning

Step one of any great content strategy is a plan. Without one you will fail. A clear plan is essential for knowing the kinds of content you need to produce, when and for whom so that you are distributing an integrated and cohesive message. Know your audience and write for them. 

Influencer Marketing/Brand Ambassadors

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming the future of effective marketing. With no shortage of influencers available in any realm we help you to choose the most persuasive of them to act as a brand ambassador for your business. 

Product Launches

Make a bold statement (see what we did there?)! The launch of a new product or into a new market demands a celebration and it should be one that everyone is talking about.

Employee Engagement

Back to basics. If your employees believe in your purpose, your customers are more likely to understand it. It all starts with people.