The Importance of a Pervading Purpose

Simon Sinek's noted quote: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it" is increasingly true in today's landscape. With companies vying fiercely for space in the digital landscape and the resulting noise that we’re all hit with on a daily basis, it is becoming increasingly difficult to explain your "why" online with any more than minimal impact. 

The excitement that has existed around digital and the resulting frustration with trying to get the attention of customers is seeing a resurgence of focus for many customer-facing organizations around the creation of unique customer experiences and refining ways in which a customer interacts with a brand. This, like most things should, starts with your "why". Is what you think a customer wants actually what your customer wants from you? What are they expecting when they interact with your brand? Are your employees showing up in a way that is authentic and true to your company’s values each and every time?  If you asked five different people in and outside your organization what the company stands for, would they come up with entirely different responses?

Communications start from within. It is the leadership of any organization that can have the most impact in instilling values and purpose in everything that a company does and everyone that it touches. It is up to those individuals to make sure that space is made to help both customers and employees understand why you do what you do, so that it becomes inherent and that expectations are at the very least met, if not exceeded. Customers who know who and what they’re buying and why are more loyal, more likely to tell their friends, and more likely to return.

As such, purpose and how it is managed and maintained in your organization should be a critical priority. Speak to it at meetings. Make sure there is language around it and that your leaders are referencing the organizational purpose and values in their day-to-day interactions. Most importantly make sure that employees are brought into the fold, understand it and are living and breathing it in an authentic way. Your front-line employees are the most powerful tool you have to instill the mark of your brand on customers.

When digital, in store and community marketing come together to form a whole, consistent message, there is a significant impact on customer engagement and the resulting bottom line.

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