A Bold Vision for 2019

One of the things I find most difficult about running my own business is business development. Why, you ask, would a consultant who spends her days counselling clients on how to grow their own business and connect with potential customers find that difficult? The answer is two-fold and in fact the very reason that my business exists.

First, it is natural to focus on the task at hand. The immediate items on the to do list easily take precedence over the more difficult, more introspective, thoughtful items. There is a fire that needs putting out. A client needs something. There is a connection to be made. All of these are easily more enticing than needing to stop, take stock and focus long-term on how to build a business.

Second, self-promotion is hard. As humans, and even more so as women, we naturally find it difficult to tell others how great we are. Maybe because we think it sounds arrogant, or maybe because we have imposter syndrome or maybe, just maybe, because we find it tough to articulate just what we’re great at.

In my own business, I experience what my clients do every day. It’s much easier with an outside perspective to see the big picture, hence my value to those companies that I serve.


So, what is it that Bold Ink Strategy excels at? We exist to help organizations to grow their business through a focus on the customer. With a strong background in marketing and business development and an operational slant towards efficiency and customer satisfaction, we help businesses to first create happier customers more efficiently and then to leverage them as a resource for additional success.

Marketing has become laser focused on the customer, because the customer has the power to make our business succeed or to fire our whole workforce by taking their business elsewhere. Through data, we know more than we ever have about our customers, their likes and dislikes and their path to purchase. Social media has provided new ways to connect with customers. And online shopping has created a whole new marketplace and re-marketing has made it possible for ads for things we’ve viewed to follow us around. There is noise. Everywhere. We see it, we hear it, we read it. Brands are trying desperately to get their message to customers but to what avail? 

Every interaction with a customer makes an impression – from something they see on social media, to a review posted by a customer, to the way a receptionist answers the phone. Unless we are being authentic to our purpose as a company, to who we are, and managing every interaction with customers to create a personalized experience, we are failing. Your marketing team’s job has grown into what it always needed to be. That team should be involved in all aspects of a business today – from product development, to store design, to business development and customer service. Why? Because it is marketing’s job to know the customer. Why would you do anything in your business without first considering the impact it will have on the very reason you exist – your customer.

Marketing, especially for small and medium businesses without the means to compete for an audience in the online sphere, has become about personal interactions. There is immense power in generating a connection in your local community or serving a customer properly and creating an advocate for your business. Customer service is king and indeed shouldn’t be a department but the whole organization.

How do you create a better experience for your customer? How do you find new customers? Do you really know who your target customer is? Are you also viewing employees as customers of your business? How do you best leverage happy customers to grow your business? How do you deal with unhappy customers? Is the experience that your customer is having with your brand across the board consistent?  We can help.

I am committed to focusing on growth in my own business in 2019 and would love to help you to grow yours. Together, let’s make customers the focus of the year ahead.